Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Stand alone publications:

The Shadow Fallacy, published in 2023.

What happens when the masks we wear fracture? When the shadows we have created for ourselves take over, ensnaring us in darkness. Are we open to attack, made vulnerable? Do people see us for who we really are? Fifteen of the stories were previously published over the years. The final story is especially close to my heart. It's based on my truth regarding my sister's death. It’s a story filled with fear, outright panic, something I never thought I’d experience. When it happened, it presented a ghostly shadow like no other. Me, the coward. Not a ghost anyone wants to face, but there you go. I’m only human, too.


Syd Malloy, Private Investigator, There Goes the Neighbourhood published in 2022. 

“I know he’s been abducted by aliens. They whisked him away in the ship, left me standing there, watching the ship grow smaller and smaller. Len has to be somewhere, and you’re a tracker. Word on the street, you can track anything.”

And thus begins a collection of nine tales of crime and mystery as we follow Syd Malloy and his longtime pal, Detective Al Simms as they weave their way through mischief and mayhem in post-WWII Vancouver.



Sticks and Stones published in 2020. The novella was nominated as a finalist in the Eyelands 2022 book awards (Greece).

Brotherly Love is no match for a young woman haunted by her past. The Grisly Business of Murder pits a husband against his wife. Family Matters when a young man is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. Three murders, three suspects. Who is truly guilty?



Stories included in various anthologies:  

Hidden treasure, ancient curses, mythical sea creatures, uncharted waters, and rip-roaring adventure across the seven seas—The Black Beacon Book of Pirates edited by Cameron Trost (published 2024) carries a clandestine cargo of timber-shivering, plank-walking, and swashbuckling goodies. 

My story "Beholden to No One" rounds out the collection, so very happy to be included.


Borne in the Blood edited by Carol Hightshoe (Wolfsinger Publications) 2024.  

My story “Betwixt and Between” is one of 23 stories that explore the powerful world of blood as a symbol of life, a medium of magic, and a bond of kinship. Dive into the whimsical, the magical and the mysterious. Rub shoulders with Shifters, Vampires, Witches, and other ordinary and extraordinary folk—all bound together by that which they carry in their blood.

Proceeds from sales of “Borne in the Blood” will be donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, https://themmrf.org/


Apocalyptales, Judgement Day edited by Parth Sarathi Chakraborty and published by Wicked Shadow Press 2024. My story “Ten Steps to Salvation,” is included, asking the question: What might we be willing to sacrifice as individuals in order to save a small portion of the human race?” 

26 stories from writers around the globe.

EDITOR'S NOTE: "The characters, especially Ryan and Jennifer, are well-crafted, each with their unique depth and evolving perspectives. It skilfully blends elements of survival, human emotion, and the essence of what it means to seek salvation in a world turned upside down." Very nice words, indeed.

Put Out the Lights and Cry: A Diner Noir anthology edited by Craig Clevenger and published by Outcast press 2023.

From Nevada McPherson’s introduction: “Here, the diner is a last connection to what passes for normality before all Hell breaks loose from beneath its shiny, bland, or greasy confines.” And from Manny Torres’ introduction: “Places where batcavers, bohemians, alcoholics, nighthawks, insomniacs, convicts, and the brokenhearted find solace over a coffee urn.”

19 stories that show why diners aren’t family friendly. Editor Craig Clevenger said of my story “Stuck in the Middle,” this is a solid shot to the middle in terms of diner noir! Made my day (or night). ~wink, wink~ Such a thrill to be included with many other wonderful writers. 

 The Second Black Beacon Book of Mystery edited by Cameron Trost, publisher, Black Beacon Books 2023. My story "Bread Pudding" is included. Who doesn't love an intriguing who-dunit where family members come together to celebrate Christmas, and yet—one has murder on their mind.

Our cast of intrepid investigators needs your puzzle-solving talent for these aren't merely fifteen stories, but fair-play mysteries. There are clues to be collected and alibis to be checked, and your general knowledge and attention to detail will be put to the test. Does that sound like your cup of tea? Ah, best not drink that! Will you take the case? Great! We're counting on you!

An Ancient Curse Vol. Two, edited by Jay Chakravarti, published by PulpCult, an imprint of CultureCult Press 2023. A portion of proceeds from sales will go towards the care of street animals in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta).

I’m ever so pleased to be included with my story "Magda's Curse." Jay’s introduction invites you to take cover beneath the blankets, keep that flashlight handy, and be prepared to delve into forbidden secrets of past civilizations. Witness the horrifying consequences of curses that transcend time itself—stories from both established and up-and-coming horror authors from across the globe.

Tales from the Monoverse, published by Last Waltz Publishing and edited by Jack Wells and Daemon Manx, published in 2023. 

My story "The Real Deal" is included along with many other wonderful stories.

“Karen writes with the immediacy of old-time fiction, drawing the reader directly into bygone eras and anachronistic vernacular. As a man who appreciates the classics, her prose is as poetry to my eyes.” ~Jack Wells, contributor, and editor~

“What if life was like the films of yesteryear, grayscale palettes devoid of hue entirely? How would we react to even a sliver of actual colour invading our reality—would it bring out the best, or worst, of our humanity?” ~Jack Wells, contributor, and editor~ 


Crime Wave: Women of a Certain Age (Sisters-in-Crime, Canada West) published in 2022.

My story "Thinkin' like a Red" is included, along with many other wonderful stories. It's the second anthology published by SIC-Canada West, the first Crime Wave A Canada West Anthology offers superb stories too, by various western Canadian writers. 

 “…a pitch-perfect bedside anthology.” ~Loreth Anne White, bestselling author of The Patient’s Secret~

Murder! Mayhem! Mystery! (Nordic Press) published in 2022.

From the back cover: “Ten talented authors have put their spin on murder, mystery, and mayhem. Why not see if you can solve who did it?” The anthology is edited by Nordic Press with an accompanying colour illustration introducing each story (artwork by Womba Dream) giving the anthology an added bit of punch, pizzazz, and most notably, personality! My story, Shark’s Blood, features my something of a smart-aleck Private Eye, a ‘60s hippie-type-gal whose signature trademark is her Arlo Guthrie hat along with her flaxen curls, in other words—me! If I lived in another universe, that is. ~wink, wink~


Born Under a Bad Sign (Screaming Eye Press) published in 2021.

 “Luck. Everyone has an opinion on the nature of luck. Or, at least, the nature of their luck,” and thus begins the introduction by editor Lothar Tuppan, 13 tales that speak to misfortune, misadventure, and sometimes just plain rotten luck. Lothar worked with Mark Slade who put the publication together. And sometimes luck does come into play, meaning Fox Dunham and Mark Slade know each other, further meaning, it was Fox’s recommendation to Mark that he reach out to me, asking if I had a story to contribute to Born Under a Bad Sign. How cool was that!? My story, Dead Man Walking, brings together two unlikely fellows, one something of a judge and jury (or is he?) and the other completely out to lunch due to a strange form of amnesia. I truly had fun with this one, and not to belabour the point—but hell, yeah! Lucky me!  

Coming Through in Waves: Crime fiction inspired by the songs of Pink Floyd (Gutter Books) published in 2021.

Editor T. Fox Dunham has brought together 23 stories all featuring Floyd songs. My story is based on The Scarecrow, one of their early songs on their album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (1967). Part of the proceeds from the sale of the anthology is to go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which greatly pleased me, as I too, am a twenty-year cancer survivor, Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. From Fox’s introduction to the book: “I wanted fun stories, stories with a bit of wit, characters that would make the reader smile. There are a couple of intense stories in the mix but most possess a sense of fun. They will uplift spirits and not crush them.” 

 Peace, Love, and Crime: Crime fiction inspired by the Songs of the ‘60s (Untreed Reads) published in 2020.

Sandra Murphy, editor, brought together a host of different spins on different songs which includes my story, Lovely, Just Bloody Lovely, based on Fool on the Hill by the Beatles (1967). From the introduction by Sandra: “Delve into the dark corners of the closet for your tie-dyed t-shirt and bell-bottomed jeans, fire up the lava lamp, and crank up the sound of ‘60s music as you read 22 tales of crimes committed during the Age of Aquarius.”



Mid-Century Murder (Darkhouse books) anthology published 2020.

“Mid-century America is rapidly receding in our rearview mirrors as we careen in our two-tone convertibles down time’s highway and into the future,” and thus begins the introduction by editor, Andrew MacRae. Eighteen (18) stories, of which mine, Year of the Pig is included, the first time my Private Eye, Syd Malloy, was seen in print, such a thrill for not only Syd but me, too!




The Trench Coat Chronicles (Celestial Echo Press) published in 2020.

What a thrill to have two of my Syd stories chosen for this wonderful anthology (Date with Destiny and Fire Brigade) where a trench coat features in the narrative! Ann Stolinsky and Ruth Littner with Gemini Wordsmiths put this lovely book together featuring 28 delectable tales of mischief and all manner of mayhem including murder.